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  1. Movie Geek

    One of the best movies I’ve ever seen

  2. Eric Longoria

    Another feminist movie

  3. Rockdude2012

    *WARNING: The year is 2020, November. A monolith has been discovered in Utah in a remote area.* This conversation can serve no purpose anymore, goodbye.

  4. Krishna mohan kumar

    Can some tell me how wonder woman hang her lasso with lighting?

  5. Krish Saikia

    I am reading the book right now and it is so awesome

  6. XSirApocalypseX

    I expected Wonderwoman is praying in hebrew and grooming some IDF soldiers.

  7. Fred Dumartin

    In my memories Wonder Woman is an American woman with blue eyes and more... body shapes :) I don't buy anymore of Hollywood's SJW garbage and their "family business" casting. I love Gal Gadot she's gorgeous and a great actress, but this is just so wrong. Wake up people!

  8. slytherin blood

    What's so scary about this shtttt

  9. Hari Prasad

    Watching the movie isn't the problem, not watching on big screen is the problem.

  10. Oliver FenixTM Darwin Cañaviri

    Ojala se un exito en taquilla

  11. Prashant Srivastava

    The first tone u hear is stranger things theme

  12. Rey Arturo Negro

    Man of steel trailer and Age of ultron are the best trailer in the history, but two films are crap.

  13. Aamir nawaz


  14. Fake Id

    Harry potter 9

  15. DedomaxYT

    This movie is the real family movie. Just done watching it now.

  16. Destiny Fonseca

    Omg they did is right in front of my house I finally found the movie

    1. Destiny Fonseca


  17. Joe Themig

    A lot of people have clearly never heard of a monkey paw.

  18. Daniel Borges Nascimento

    Bealtiful movie urrruuullll !!!

  19. keeperoflenneth

    Wait so we went from Batman v Superman, to Wonderwoman v Super-Karen?

  20. Sumit kumar Chetry

    Awesome movie..I like 84

  21. Dima El-Boghdady

    Omggg j can't wait

  22. OdinCorp

    Didn't this movie come out already?

  23. Lokman Ağar

    Bunun manitası donuyor mu ne oluyor

  24. SOLU

    I'm here for Hans Zimmer..❤️

  25. The Average Stranger

    Nov. 24th Lets watch this shit one last time.

  26. Red

    The movie was kind of a disappointment ngl


    Is she the dc spiderman

  28. Eggroll Eater

    Overused concept, generic execution, and overall trash movie.

  29. Veronica Maggie

    Why is everyone dating the movie was bad?? It was good

  30. Noor Shazreen

    in theaters dec 25? but but but in my country we’re still in lockdown and the cinemas are all still shut 😭

  31. ﴾ツYaduz Worldツ﴿

    It scared the crap outta me bruh

  32. Joshua

    Still watching it

  33. seneng SRI CHANNEL

    Nunggu film ke 3 yah ada gak yah.. Film. Bagus nih saya suka banget..

  34. Devin Mennella

    Gran torino

  35. Bharani Krishnan

    Nolan: Which direction u wanna go Time: Forward Nolan: U chose the wrong direction

  36. Bharani Krishnan

    Nolan: Which direction u wanna go Time: Forward Nolan: U chose the wrong direction

  37. Sadaf Sadiq

    I can tell why they didn't make wonder women 2020

  38. Solo B3 DAKing

    Marvel only fan: The hell you supposed to be? Trailer:I'm Viral

  39. 김경환

    I want to see Superman!!

  40. tapan ajmera

    Dc in every batman movie lets try something new lets change the hero...😀😂🤣

  41. അരവിന്ദ് കിഴക്കിനേടത്ത്

    വൗ സൂപ്പർ......😀😍

  42. whisper54321

    Cats the musical looks different here

  43. Andy Abat Tang

    How is this trailer different though?

  44. Shivaji Ahir

    nolan and his sound effects !!

  45. Elias Barghash

    Real talk, this trailer is fire

  46. Michael Geoffroy-Stewart

    Oh god, A Furry Karen 🤦🏾‍♂️

  47. Kenneth Khiangte

    Let's hope the trailer isn't the entire movie.

  48. 小村祷寿太郎

    this is a digest

  49. Venkatesh Alam

    "The Plan" by Travis Scott made the final trailer more intensing and nail biting.

  50. Mr Fisio

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  51. Joyfull

    Still think she doesnt realy fit the wonder woman character, but the movie still looks kinda bomb tho

  52. Drapes Royale


  53. Sean D

    Playing up the fish out of water trope, AGAIN.. except this time it’s Steve who is the fish.. I wonder if they’re going to extend the length of the movie with 45 mins of super slow-motion again..

  54. Hika Ross

    HBOmax @ disney+ : You guys are getting paid??

  55. Biker Motion

    Wonder Woman: Slings on lightening Spider Man: Am I a joke to you? O__o

  56. born naked

    My most often watched film - ever !

  57. Shahzrie Shanellzan

    Hey Spiderman fangays, u still there?


    When Ben Affleck Batman kill soneone. Audience: This is not batman. When Robert Pattinson Batman kill someone and then beating him again and again. Audience: I love this Batman !

  59. Hoonigan

    Can we please get a sequel. Please 😥 I need more of joker

  60. Владимир Джурко

    It's 38263826322 trailer.... Corona is beach

  61. Ravenclaw Gamer

    Christmas Morning is gonna be precious to those who have HBO Max.

  62. Shrey Chowdhary

    Hmmmmmm, I like this Kristen Wiig damnn

  63. mbali nhlapo

    I hate the cape

  64. Shweta Singh

    Oh my my so excitedddd!!!!!

  65. Sean R. Tobing

    *Bruce:* _"I'm Vengeance!"_ *Thomas Wayne:* "Hi Vengeance, I'm Dad!" *Bruce:* _"No. You're dead."_ **gunshot**

  66. soultiger 267

    HBO: At No Extra Cost Disney: What Are We? Made Of Money? XD


    Take a moment and appreciate bgm👌

  68. Master King


  69. Spectre 2005

    She is like spiderman but swinging on lightning ⚡

  70. Pravin Adkine

    why i am seeing spider man jump?

  71. akU c TATZ

    Why is barbara growl. like a. lion

  72. Saeed Hossain

    Will it be the part of dceu??

  73. Victor Andrew

    I think the cats movie has a thing or two to learn here

  74. Lawy Karzan


  75. Binod Tharu

    This is very underrated

  76. Davi Mota

    Tigresa vip fodase

  77. prasad risbud

    Harry Potter series went darker and darker as the next movies came. But still Harry Potter is my favourite

  78. Michael

    Very poor casting for these new characters

  79. 大石碎胸口



    The radar was funny